Rein Houben

Rein leads the development and implementation of TIME. His background is in TB epidemiology, with a broad interest in applying mathematical modelling methods to inform policy decisions, and address questions on TB natural history and epidemiology.

FullSizeRender Marek Lalli

Marek’s focus is developing components of the TIME model and its in-country application. He provides epidemiological support to National TB Programmes throughout the programming cycle and plays a key role in the country dialogue process. He models interventions from National Strategic Plans in TIME Impact to generate short and long-term projections of the TB epidemic and provides recommendations for discussion amongst stakeholders.

Debora Debora Pedrazzoli

Debora provides epidemiological and mathematical modelling support to countries during their submission to the Global Fund under the ‘New Funding Model’, by applying and developing the TIME model. She leads the development of TIME Economics, a module in TIME which is intended to address TB-specific allocative efficiency and cost-effectiveness questions.

Debora’s primary interest is in the socio-economic epidemiology of TB. Her research focuses on modelling the impact of social and structural drivers on TB epidemiology, and in evaluating interventions to address TB and social inequalities.

Kristian Kristian Godfrey

Kristian has previously worked at Open Society Foundation, the Australian Red Cross and The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine before joining the TIME team as USAID Project Coordinator in March 2015. His background is in project management and administration in international development settings.

Richard Richard White

Richard advises the TIME team. He has over 15 years experience working as in infectious disease modelling, particularity TB and HIV.

Tom Tom Sumner

Tom’s research focuses on the use of models to predict and understand the impact of interventions with a particular focus on TB preventive therapy.
He assists with the development of the epidemiological component of TIME and is responsible for the development of a research version of the model.
He also provides support for the use of TIME at sub-national level in South Africa.

Jamie Rudman

Jamie currently focuses on providing technical support to National TB Programs (NTPs) of Indonesia and Vietnam, to facilitate an assessment of current epidemiological trends, and to model proposed TB interventions during National TB Strategic Planning. His role is to advise NTPs on how to include TIME modelling results in concept notes ahead of Global Fund grant applications.

Nabila Shaikh

Nabila is a Research Assistant working primarily with the TIME Model. With an MSc in Control of Infectious Diseases from LSHTM, she is currently working to conduct an impact evaluation for the TIME model to understand how the project facilitates and impacts national and subnational TB policy.

Nabila also works to support the National TB Programs of Ethiopia and Nigeria to model interventions in preparation for National Strategic Plans and grant applications.


Carel Pretorius

Carel is a senior modeler and advisor with Avenir’s Modeling, Planning and Policy Analysis group. His work includes the development and public health application of TB, HIV/AIDS, malaria, non-communicable disease and other models. Over the last two years he collaborated on the TIME project, focusing on its implementation in the Spectrum suite of policy tools and its application to TB policy and decision making.

Matt Hamilton

Matt is a senior analyst with Avenir Health’s Modeling, Planning and Policy Analysis group. His work includes the development and application of models of tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases. Over the past two years, Matt has contributed to the implementation of the TIME model in the Spectrum suite of policy tools, and the application of TIME in several countries.

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