Capacity Building

Methods for allocative efficiency of the Global Fund TB, HIV and malaria country grants

Aims: Develop country-specific TB and TB/HIV models to evaluate TIME and quantify burden, costs and potential impact of the national strategic plans and/or to input into GFATM concept notes; Develop materials for TIME train-the-trainer workshops; Run train-the-facilitator workshops to develop a cadre of trainers capable of applying TIME version 1 in the 22 high burden countries; Develop TIME version 2

People: Rein Houben, Marek Lalli, Debora Pedrazzoli, Carel Pretorius (Avenir Health), Sevim Ahmedov (USAID), Cheri Vincent (USAID), Richard White

Funding: USAID

Data utilisation and modelling to support TB control policy and practice in South Africa

Aims: Create a sustainable system to integrate quantitative analysis into TB control policy and implementation decision making in South Africa

People: Richard White, Tom Sumner, Rein Houben, Carel Pretorius (Avenir Health), Gavin Churchyard (Aurum), Salome Charalambous (Aurum), Piotr Hippner (Aurum), Don Mudzengi (Aurum), Philip Eckhoff (IDM), Brad Wagner (IDM), Stuart Chang (IDM), David Collier, Fiammetta Maria Bozzani, Anna Vassall

Funding: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

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