Latent TB Infection

TB or not TB: What is Tuberculosis? Challenging the Current Paradigm of Tuberculosis Natural History using Mathematical Modelling Techniques

Aims: The current paradigm of TB natural history follows a basic set of rules devised 30 years ago. While attractive in their simplicity, it has become clear that these rules and the resulting model of TB natural history do not fit with new empirical insights from basic science on our understanding of TB epidemiology and its control. In the first stage tHis project will develop and explore a new model representation of TB natural history, In the second stage, we will use the model to explore critical questions in two areas of TB research that are likely to benefit from a fresh perspective on TB: the challenge of addressing latent tuberculosis infection; and incorporating the impact of changes in socio-economic indicators on TB trends.

People: Rein Houben

Funding: European Research Council Starting Grant

Latent TB

Aims: Better understand the size of the population with a Latent TB Infection (LTBI), both in the UK and globally; Explore the potential of existing drugs to cure LTBI in individuals, and how this differs by HIV infection status and use of Antiretroviral Therapy; Model the population impact and cost-effectiveness of novel strategies to identify and treat LTBI so as to contribute to TB control in the population

People: Rein Houben, Tom Sumner, Emilia Vynnycky, Richard White

Funding: none

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