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Mathematical modelling and spatial data analysis to inform TB care and control strategies in high TB incidence settings

Aim: Determine how spatial data from TB cases presenting at clinics can best be used to improve the impact and cost-effectiveness of TB care and control interventions in high incidence settings

People: Nicky McCreesh, Richard White, Liz Corbett, Peter Diggle (Lancaster), Mia Crampin, Helen Ayles, Nulda Beyers (Stellenbosch), Judith Glynn, David Dowdy (John Hopkins), Peter Godfrey-Faussett

Funding: Medical Research Council

Optimising contact tracing in London

Aims: Develop mathematical modelling approaches to help optimise TB contact tracing in London

People: Sean Cavany, Emilia Vynnycky, Tom Sumner, Richard White, Lucy Thomas (PHE), Charlotte Anderson (PHE), Helen Maguire (PHE)

Funding: Public Health England

Potential impact of age-targeted future TB vaccines in settings with aging populations or high HIV prevalence

Aims: Estimate the epidemiological impact of age targeted future TB vaccines in a high TB burden, low-HIV prevalence setting undergoing population ageing (China); Estimate the epidemiological impact of future TB vaccines in a high TB burden setting with high HIV prevalence; Model outcomes can be used to prioritise development of vaccine candidates with greatest potential public health impact.

People: Rebecca Harris, Tom Sumner, Gwen Knight (Imperial), Richard White, and colleagues

Funding: Aeras, Medical Research Council

Spatial mapping of TB cases in low income settings without residential addresses

Aims: Development and evaluation of a low-cost, easy to use, electronic tool embedded in the National Tuberculosis Programme to capture the place of residence of TB patients registering for TB treatment in Blantyre, Malawi; Spatial data generated can be used for identification of disease hotspots, tracing patients lost to follow up and identifying cluster membership in ongoing interventional studies in the area.

People: Rebecca Harris, Liz Corbett, Augu Choko, Richard White, and colleagues

Funding: Medical Research Council, Wellcome Trust

Gender differences in TB burden and access to care

Aims: Understand how gender differences in the TB risk and access to care contribute to the excess male burden in prevalence and case notifications; Explore the potential impact and cost-effectiveness of interventions targeting men to improve access to diagnostic and/or treatment services and reduce gender inequity

People: Katherine Horton, Liz Corbett, Rein Houben, Richard White, Peter MacPherson (Liverpool), Roel Bakker

Funding: none

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