About TIME

Intended use:

TIME is a modelling tool used by NTPs in low- and middle-income countries to inform their TB policy decisions, throughout the cycle of assessing the current situation, planning a response, applying for funds, implementing interventions and evaluating their impact. TIME can provide insight into the current TB epidemic and highlight areas in need of increased attention and estimate the impact and (soon) associated costs of TB care and prevention activities, supporting NTPs to effectively allocate their available resources, or advocate for additional resources from domestic or international sources.

Unique selling points and philosophy of TIME:

  • It is not a one time use tool; TIME modelling can be integrated into the policy cycle and be used beyond advocacy
  • TIME can support capacity building, and encourages training to be local users
  • A long term relationship is critical for local ownership of the modelling results

A caveat: TIME is meant to be flexible, but as any model is limited by the data to inform it. To improve the value of TIME for an NTP, a long term collaboration is necessary between the TIME modeller and those who know the data and policy questions, so that it is clear what questions are useful to address to inform policy decisions.

TIME aims to:

  • Improve TB control by applying a comprehensive modelling framework to inform TB policy decisions.
  • Facilitate rational discussions between all relevant TB stakeholders, including the NTP, domestic and international funders, the community, technical agencies.
  • Support capacity development in epidemiological modelling and local ownership of results through a user-friendly interface, training and support.
  • Identify priority areas for investment in TB control to improve allocative efficiency.
  • Provide modelling support throughout the NTP’s programming cycle.
  • Strengthen the case for domestic and/or international investment in local TB programmes.
  • Improve data availability and quality by collation and review of available data and highlighting value of information for future data collection. 

Current Version and Future Developments

A new version of TIME Impact was released on 24th March 2016. TIME Economics is under development.

Access TIME

TIME is free as part of the Spectrum software, which you can download from our site. Training opportunities are available; please contact info@timemodelling.com if you are interested.





TIME development and application is principally funded through the GFATM, and developed by LSHTM and Avenir Health, along with input from a wide range of partners and institutions. Current collaborations include KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation.

TIME in the past has received support for development by BMGF and UNAIDS for TIME Estimates. TIME applications have been funded by USAID, WHO-WPRO and the Stop TB Partnership. 

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