To improve TB care and prevention in low- and middle-income countries by strengthening policies and enabling local capacity building.

Our objectives:

  • To inform TB policy decision-making at the national and sub-national level by applying a comprehensive and accessible modelling framework.
  • To enable local capacity building and ownership through training and support.

What is TIME?

  • TIME Estimates: quantify the current TB and overlapping TB/HIV burden in country.
  • TIME Impact: quantify and gain further insight into the current epidemiological burden (TIME Estimates and TIME Impact), project how it may change in the future through NTP planned activities (TIME Impact).
  • TIME Economics: link NTP activities to their costs, and enable prioritisation of activities to improve the allocative efficiency of the programme
  • One Health TB: Construct detailed TB budget and projections for internal NTP use or for domestic (treasury department) or international (e.g. GFATM) funders through One Health TB tool.

Strengths of TIME:

  • Comprehensive and flexible modelling framework that can be customised to any local TB epidemiological situation.
  • User-friendly interface to enable capacity building.
  • Free for download, no cost to use.
  • Wide application so far and thoroughly tested, GTB confirmed.
  • Support network available at LSHTM, Avenir Health and KNCV – for further information, please send an email to info@timemodelling.com



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